Sleep robot to combat sleep disorders

Somnox develops soft-robotic innovation for the best night of sleep.For 1 out 5 people a good night’s rest is not a reality. They suffer from sleep deprivation which results in a lack of energy and depression. Current solutions consist of addictive medicines with unwanted side-effects.With a team of 4 engineers from the TU Delft and supported by sleep experts we created Somnox.Somnox is the first non-medicinal soft-robotic to actively help people sleep. During the night the user will feel Somnox breathe. Multiple studies have proven that feeling a breathing rhythm helps you fall asleep more easily and experience more deep sleep. There are tons of sleep-tracking devices out there, we provide the first step in technology to actively help people sleep. Somnox will be made available through online channels as a wellness product for adults that have trouble falling asleep due to stress and anxiety. We, Somnox, believe that we can become the world’s leading firm in non-medicinal sleep products. Making the dreams come true of millions of people.